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Bakuchiol, a Retinol Alternative

beauty of simplicity

MōMI Skincare serums epitomize the beauty of simplicity in the world of skincare. In a time when consumers are overwhelmed by the multitude of products available, our two serums offer a refreshing solution. We understand the skincare fatigue people experience and believe that less is often more. Our serums are versatile multitaskers that streamline your routine, eliminating the need for numerous steps and products. They seamlessly complement your spa’s cleansers, exfoliants, and masks, allowing you to customize your regimen without the pressure to purchase an entire line. MōMI serums are designed to maintain your clients’ optimal skin health between treatments, making skincare effortless and effective.

Straightforward Application

MōMI serums adhere to a no-nonsense protocol that emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness. Our Vitamin C Serum is straightforward in its application: it follows cleansing and can be complemented with a moisturizer if needed, topped off with SPF for daytime use—an uncomplicated yet powerful routine. Similarly, the MōMI Retinol Serum simplifies nighttime skincare; it’s applied after cleansing, followed by a moisturizer.

paired with Bakuchiol

Both serums are uniquely paired with Bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative derived from plants. This strategic addition significantly reduces the irritation often associated with regular retinol products, allowing for nightly use without discomfort. Additionally, our Vitamin C Serum contains THD Ascorbate, an exceptionally stable form of vitamin C that doesn’t oxidize like traditional ascorbic acid, making it an impressive 50 times more effective. With MōMI serums, simplicity and efficacy harmonize seamlessly in your skincare routine.

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